Clean Carpet Stairs Without Vacuum



Clean Carpet Stairs Without Vacuum

Keeping your carpet clean is important no matter how much foot traffic it sees. Carpets stairs are magnets for debris, pet hair, and bacteria from your shoes brought from outside. We all know how expensive purchasing and maintaining a vacuum cleaner is and how they have a tendency of breaking down when we dearly need them, right? Well, here are some tips on how to clean carpet stairs without vacuum.

Natural Carpet Stairs Cleaning

Some cleaning products and chemicals used to clean carpets stairs are sometimes too strong for people who are allergic to certain ingredients. If you are a culprit of this, or you are just trying to get rid of water stains, then using natural cleaning methods is the way to go. For this method, you can either use vinegar or club soda. Club soda is ideal for removing wine and blood stains. All you need is to apply a tiny amount of club soda on the stain, then blot the surface using a paper towel or a dry cloth until the stain comes out. In case you prefer using vinegar to remove stains, you’ll need to mix a quarter tablespoon of white vinegar with some warm water and a tablespoon of dish soap and repeat the procedure.

How to Clean Carpet Stairs Without VacuumHow to Clean Carpet Stairs Without Vacuum

With kids around the house, your carpet stairs will be prone to red fruit punch, mud, and other stubborn stains. The good news is that you can still get these stains off without necessarily using a vacuum cleaner. For this cleaning process, you’ll need a spray bottle and a stiff scrubbing brush. You will also need some baking soda, a few cloth towels or old rags, some sea salt and a water and detergent mixture. First, mix the water with around an eighth of soap in the spray bottle. Cover the area you intend to clean with a sprinkle of the sea salt and baking soda and spray the soap and water mixture on the same area. Once that is done, slowly brush the area using the scrubbing brush in one direction and remove any accumulated debris or hair.

After all this is done, press the carpet stairs using the rug or paper towels until the area becomes almost dry. Empty the spray container off the soapy mixture and fill it with regular clean water and respray the carpet. Press a dry rag on the area again and let it sit until the area is dry. This technique is safe for both pets and children although it best suits a small stained area. If you own a large enough scrubbing brush, then you can still use the method for an entire room.

In Conclusion

Wrong chemicals and wrong cleaning techniques effortlessly ruin carpet stairs. Therefore, ensure that you properly read the labels before using any products. Also, be careful when using chemicals to clean your carpet stairs since most are harmful to human health. After cleaning carpet stairs without vacuum, it is essential to ensure that they have dried out completely to prevent odors. If your carpet stairs are in need of a deep clean, our team at Memphis Clean can revive your carpet to look brand new.

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